You’re an engineer verifying designs using OrCAD PSpice. After extensive simulations you end with a “Smoke Analysis” to determine if all values are within their Safe Operation Condition. But how can you be sure when producing many of these products that all are functioning well? To have some idea a Monte Carlo simulation can be done which varies all part values within a certain tolerance. This gives an indication of the yield.

In certain applications Monte Carlo Analysis is used to find the worst case operating condition of the design. When found the worst case scenario it would be good to do a “Smoke Analysis” again using the parameter values of this worst case run. But how to back annotate the Monte Carlo parameter values to the design? Currently this is a manual task. This app will automate this task.

Current status:

  • SPB installation requirement: 17.2
  • Packaged to installer/de-installer
  • Documentation: yes
  • Version: 1.1
  • Limitation: tested only with R, C and L type of parts.
All Monte Carlo runs are listed. You can expand a run to see which values are randomized. Right-Mouse-Button click on a run allows to backannotate the values to the schematic.