OrCAD 17.2 QIR5 is now available

OrCAD 17.2 QIR5 is now available

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The OrCAD 17.2 Quarterly Incremental Release  (QIR5) is now available from support.cadence.com. The latest features of OrCAD help you to be more efficient in your product design cycle by improving the design for manufacturing flow, enhancing the Interactive3D canvas, and adding more advanced routing features.

QIRs deliver new OrCAD features in between major releases. QIR updates are available to all customers on maintenance.

One of the new features of 17.2-QIR5 is you have access to the new Customizable Workflow & Toolbars. Quick access to frequently used commands helps you be more productive when designing. The design workflow takes you through the typical steps of a design and puts the features you need right at your fingertips. As your designs get more complex or as you work in specialized teams, you can create custom workflows for specific tasks or roles; like library creation or quality control checks. You can also customize your toolbars and icons to make the tool fit your unique design needs. 


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