Free Online Training – an anniversary message

Free Online Training – an anniversary message

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This month marks the one year anniversary of our establishing the new Cadence Learning and Support portal and making online training free for all Cadence customers.

One year of unbelievable success!

Since then, more than 17.000 customers worldwide have taken over 53.000 free online training courses. And their feedback speaks for itself:

Thank you very much for a great opportunity to get free courses online! The content of the courses and labs has good balance of details and general information for beginners as me.” O.V. @ Dialog Semiconductor

I would like to report an excellent feedback on [this Innovus] online training. Excellent in deep coverage of all the implementation steps available in Innovus with commands and detailed explanations (including the videos). Excellent job, congratulations.” E.A. @ Fraunhofer IIS

Thank you very much for allowing engineers to improve their knowledge and skills. Instructors are very good, dedicated areas are covered and explanations are detailed.“ G.G. @ Veriest

What I've liked about it [the Xcelium Simulator online course] is that it got the job done so far (…).I came from another simulator, and I wanted a quick way to get to know the utilities in Xcelium. Since it's online, I can skip the parts I already know.” E.I. @ MAGICS Instruments

Not yet familiar with all the advantages of Cadence online training? To put it in a nutshell:

  • Easy access to our extensive online training library with your Cadence Support account
  • Fast skill enablement—learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere
  • Secure online access to dynamic lecture material
  • Practice new concepts through hands-on lab exercises
  • Online support for your questions
  • And much more…

Questions? Check out the Learning and Support video or reach out to us anytime.

For our complete training offering, visit us online.