GerbTool V16.7 Available! Support for More than Just Gerber

GerbTool V16.7 Available! Support for More than Just Gerber

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You will be pleased to find that GerbTool includes an Import Wizard that goes beyond just importing Gerber data. Using the Import Wizard, you simply direct GerbTool to the location of your data, and it does the rest by detecting the various database formats (Gerber, Drill, Mill, HPGL, DXF, etc.) automatically. If you still use 274D, it will even detect aperture table formats and convert them as well.

GerbTool still has format-specific interfaces for all supported database types (Gerber, Barco DPF, DXF, HPGL & HPGL/2, Excellon, Sieb & Meyer, IPC-D-356A, etc.) just in case you are interested in loading a single file or re-loading existing files.

If you have already made the transition away from Gerber data towards a more intelligent method of transfer data from Design to Manufacturing, the you will be happy to find that GerbTool GT-Communicator, GT-Inspector, and GT-Designer come standard with interfaces to formats such as ODB++, ODB++ XML, and IPC-2581.

There are optional interfaces also available for DirectCAM (Import Only), and PADS ASCII (Import Only). These formats provide users of GerbTool with the ability to achieve the maximum data transfer of design information to manufacturing for improved quality and reliability during the fabrication of any job flow. 

Interfacing with other systems has never been easier; take a look at the broad range of support that comes as a result of these formats:


Vendor PCB tool ODB++ IPC-2581 Other
Cadence Allegro PCB Editor Yes Yes  
Cadence OrCAD PCB Editor Yes Yes  
Cadence OrCAD Layout Yes    
Altium P-CAD Yes    
Altium Designer Yes    
Frontline Solutions Genesis2000 Yes Yes *  
Mentor Graphics Boardstation Yes    
Mentor Graphics Expedition Yes Yes *  
Mentor Graphics PADS     PADS ASCII or DirectCAM
Valor Computerized Systems   Enterprise3000 Yes Yes *  
Zuken CADSTAR Yes Yes  


* When released

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