17.2-2016 QIR1: OrCAD introduces new interactive 3D canvas

17.2-2016 QIR1: OrCAD introduces new interactive 3D canvas

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Finished your PCB layout design but not sure if all the components in your design will fit into the enclosure? You can now easily detect component enclosure collisions in the early PCB design stage with OrCAD Interactive 3D canvas. Design your PCB board with high accuracy and confidence with OrCAD 17.2 QIR1.

Key new features in OrCAD 17.2 QIR1 are:

  • Improved planning and zooming performance in Interactive 3D canvas. We've also added features including collision detection, etch layer visibility controls, and cross-probing to the 2D canvas.
  • View your design in any web browser. Export your schematic design into single HTML file using Schematic Design HTML viewer.
  • Quickly analyze large numbers of schematic differences in Microsoft Excel. Export differences to Excel for powerful, quick and easy analysis.

 This functionality is part of the new 17.2-2016 QIR1 release which is available for all our maintenance customers. The release can be downloaded from the Cadence download site (Release SPB17.20.005 or newer).