New OrCAD Tutorial using OrCAD Lite

New OrCAD Tutorial using OrCAD Lite

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Our colleagues Parallel Systems have produced a simple tutorial to help new users get an understanding of the functionality of the OrCAD software for schematic entry, circuit simulation and PCB layout.

Whilst the Cadence OrCAD and Allegro tools are designed to solve the most complex of engineering challenges, those features will not be looked at in this tutorial. It is intended to cover the fundamentals

As a consequence, this tutorial has to fit within these requirements

  • it must be possible to complete with the free OrCAD LITE version
  • it must cover the basics of OrCAD Capture, PSpice and PCB Editor
  • it must be simple enough for a new user
  • it must only take a couple of hours to complete
  • it must start from a blank schematic, simulate that circuit and end with a finished PCB design


We think they have succeeded, so please start here and work your way through.

You can download OrCAD LITE here