OrCAD/Allegro 16.6-2015 Release Available For Download

OrCAD/Allegro 16.6-2015 Release Available For Download

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The OrCAD/Allegro 16.6-2015 Release is now available for download for our valued maintenance customers.


Five new optional OrCAD products and three key feature updates are available with the OrCAD/Allegro 16.6-2015 Release. The expanded OrCAD portfolio enables greater product creation efficiency by delivering additional high-speed design capabilities that address productivity and time-to-market challenges. The new products and key features focus on increasing designers’ productivity by reducing design cycle time and facilitating more advance designs via additional high-speed capabilities.


New Features

  • OrCAD Signal Explorer is being added to OrCAD Capture technology-based products, enabling front-end signal integrity/signal quality simulation as well as topology exploration and constraint definition. It can also be scaled for additional signal exploration and signal integrity capabilities through OrCAD PCB SI.
  • OrCAD PCB Editor productivity improvements include Scribble Route, an auto/interactive routing feature, which allows the user to loosely sketch a path for a route as the system figures how to detail-route it, as well as group and contour routing updates and via arrays
  • OrCAD PCB Professional high-speed design features now offer enhanced differential pair constraints, propagation constraint support, delay tuning with heads-up display support, net scheduling and impedance constraint support

PCB Editor Standard vs Professional

OrCAD PCB Editor Menu Optimization

In OrCAD 16.6-2015 Release, OrCAD introduced a vastly improved menu structure for PCB Editor based the feedback from our customers to help make your design process more smooth and efficient. This update (applicable on to OrCAD PCB), introduces a vastly improved menu structure based on customer requests, and with the mandate of making the out-of-the-box design experience faster and more intuitive.


This change will be enabled by default. The movie highlights the new menu optimization change. Customers who prefer the current menu structure will be able to choose between the two menu structures.

 Allegro PCB Editor users will have access to the new menu in one of the future releases.


OrCAD/Allegro 16.6-2015 Hands-on Usergroup Meetings

To help you leverage the new capabilities and features of the OrCAD 16.6-2015 Release, CB Distribution invites you to join our Usergroup Meeting which will be hosted at three different locations. During our valued Usergroup Meetings you will learn all about the new 16.6-2015 Release highlighs. New this year, we will also include hands-on training. So bring your laptop and experience all the existing new features yourselves!


Dates, locations and more details can be found on our website. Registration is open, but do not hesistate to long, since seating is limited.



OrCAD 16.6-2015 Release is now available for download for our valued maintenance customers

Visit download.cadence.com using your support.cadence.com account. You will find the OrCAD 16.6-2015 Release in SPB166 Folder (CD image SPB16.60.054).


If you are facing any challenges getting your software updated, do not hesitate to contact us.

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