OrCAD Component Information Portal

OrCAD Component Information Portal

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The Component Information Portal (CIP) offers Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS users a comprehensive, "off-the-shelf" CIS management environment that includes distributor integration and a component library with a pre-defined set of fields.

The distributor integration provided by the Component Information Portal allows OrCAD Capture CIS users to build fully downloadable component content for millions of orderable parts into their existing database. The CIP includes a starter database of over 5,000 components. Each starter database comes complete with symbols and footprints, as a foundation for the successful implementation of CIS. It also provides a predefined database schema to help encourage consistent practices and build a component library that includes complete part data.

CIP also includes a web-based interface that enables non-OrCAD Capture CIS users, like those in documentation, library development, and purchasing, to have access to the parts database behind OrCAD Capture CIS without using native software. This means more people in the development team, and other supporting teams all have access to the same critical information. This saves time in communication and cuts costs in several ways, such as allowing purchasing to encourage the use of cost effective parts.

OrCAD CIP - Rev2


  • Populate your CIS database directly from the real-time online distributor part databases
  • Engineers can search and select distributor parametric data within OrCAD Capture CIS
  • CIP is equipped with a CIS database which includes a foundation library of components, complete with symbols and footprints
  • Purchasing, librarians and other non-EE individuals can view component information stored within the CIS database through a user friendly web-based interface
  • Administer database privileges based on administrative responsibilities
  • Capture and update part cost and quantity on hand information at any given time
  • CIP includes an “off-the-shelf” CIS management environment with a pre-defined set of fields
  • Remote database accessibility


Please check the video below for a detailed introduction.