OrCAD Sigrity ERC (Electrical Rules Check)

OrCAD Sigrity ERC (Electrical Rules Check)

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OrCAD Sigrity ERC (Electrical Rules Check) is a new product that goes beyond physical DRC checks and helps to improve the overall quality of your PCB design. It enables PCB designers or electrical engineers to screen a PCB design for signal quality without having to assign any simulation models.  The entire PCB design can be evaluated for impedance discontinuities, excessive crosstalk, and return path discontinuities.  Issues discovered can be cross-probed back to the layout canvas where the source of the problem can be addressed.  The PCB can then be re-screened to validate the changes improve signal quality.

OrCAD Sigrity ERC provides a comprehensive set of electrical signal quality checks for OrCAD PCB Editor. ERCs are designed to be run by the PCB designer as a first-order electrical validation. This capability enables the PCB designer to make needed changes within the design before more extensive and exhaustive analysis is performed.

OrCAD Sigrity ERC offers two layout checking tools:

  • ERC - Electrical Rules Check
  • SRC - Simulation Rules Check

Watch this 2 minutes' video to learn why you need OrCAD Sigrity ERC and how it can help you find electrical issues in the early stage of the design to improve design efficiency and collaborations.

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