A New Era of PCB Design is Upon Us | OrCAD X

A New Era of PCB Design is Upon Us | OrCAD X

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A new era in PCB design has arrived with the OrCAD X Platform. This evolution in PCB design takes the current industry-leading OrCAD Capture solution and expands it to create a PCB design tool that is faster, more automated, and more connected than ever. This enables you to keep true to your original design layout, find and minimize errors with in-platform analysis and simulation engines, create better collaboration within design teams, and deliver your project on time and within budget.

With OrCAD X, You Can...

Design Fast. Using a new 3D engine, vastly improved automation, file generation, enhanced visibility, and a simplified menu structure for easy access to common commands and settings.

Design Correct. With the power of the newly integrated Allegro X constraint engine, newly added live DRCs, and the ability to update part information between libraries, footprints, and suppliers in real-time.

Design Connected. With a newly connected environment, utilizing team project workspaces, product data management, and part sourcing information. Centralize and manage your shared data to collaborate with ease.