PSpice for TI

PSpice for TI

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Texas Instruments (TI) is the biggest analog semiconductor company in the world. TI designs, manufactures and sells a broad portfolio of 80,000 analog and embedded processing products for applications across the board — in industrial, automotive, personal electronics, communications equipment, and enterprise systems.

Cadence and TI have announced that TI's customers can download PSpice for TI from the TI website. This is, no surprise, a special version of PSpice that works with the analog and mixed-signal models for TI parts. It also works with discrete components like resistors, and with generic models for common analog components such as op-amps. PSpice for TI also comes with OrCAD Capture to allow the design schematic to be entered and edited. Anyone can go to the TI website and download a copy of PSpice for TI for at no cost. Technically, it is a one-year license, but after a year, you can download a new license, still at no cost. Engineers who are designing systems in any of the markets I mentioned earlier can simulate complex analog designs using the TI-curated library without any design size limitations.

Watch the video introducing PSpice for TI.



There is a dedicated website for all things PSpice. There are forums there with tens of thousands of users. There is a new forum especially for PSpice-TI for users to exchange experience and get questions answered by their peers. There is also a special PSpice for TI page on the website with overview and training videos, along with a link to download the product.