Allegro PCB Symphony Team Design 17.2

Allegro PCB Symphony Team Design 17.2

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The Allegro PCB Symphony Team Design Option allows multiple users to work on the same design without having to split (partition) the design. By connecting users to a common Allegro database, this simple approach allows multiple PCB designers to easily work on the design at the same time, and any changes made on their canvases are reflected on the server and seen by other users.


It offers two easy-to-use modes. In a normal situation, the design can be hosted in a network server where multiple users can get access to the server and start the concurrent design process. While at a moment’s notice, a designer can quickly share their active design in Allegro PCB Editor using the concurrent process on their local machine and invite others users to join the design. In both modes, users are able to join or leave the session at any time, knowing that all design updates have been updated to the master database.


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