Cadence launches new course on Virtuoso Digital Implementation

Cadence launches new course on Virtuoso Digital Implementation

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Cadence announced the new release of the Virtuoso Digital Implementation v14.2 training course.
This new course is recently updated and supports the latest features included in VDI v14.2 release. This new course has been condensed into a 2 day course.

Virtuoso Digital Implementation is a complete and automatic synthesis/place-and-route system. It enables capacity-limited block implementation for small digital components in the context of an advanced analog-driven mixed-signal design.



In this course, you learn the basics of synthesis and digital implementation by using the Virtuoso Digital Implementation software. You will explore synthesis, floorplanning, placement, power planning, clock-tree synthesis, timing optimization, and detail routing using VDI. 

A class session is currently planned on September, 29-30 at the Cadence Training Center at Velizy-Paris, France. Our specialists in Synthesis and Place & Route will deliver this 2 day course in the English language.
Please contact us to book your seat in this session, we are offering special prices for multiple registrations.



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