OrCAD Special: “Work from Home Program” for Euro 999,-

OrCAD Special: “Work from Home Program” for Euro 999,-

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Supporting Business as Usual, as Best We Can


You’ve probably been instructed to work from home. So has everyone else, and that’s introducing new challenges. Maybe your home network performance is suffering; impacted by everyone else working from home and the increase of family devices accessing the internet. Maybe the company VPN is overloaded; it was never designed for a situation like this. Maybe a decision was made not to put the infrastructure in place to support engineers working from home.


Whatever the reason, we want to help keep things as close to normal as possible.


Therefor together with Cadence, CB Distribution has introduced a special offer which allows you to have access to our OrCAD Capture, SI Simulation, PSpice AD Basic Simulation and PCB Editor Standard software at a very special price of Euro 999 *

This price includes:

  • Perpetual license (99 year license) OrCAD PCB Designer Standard
  • Two year maintenance contract which gives you access to our latest version and our hotline support


  • OrCAD Capture schematic entry


  • OrCAD SI pre-layout simulation
  • PSpice AD Basic, design should have less than or equal to 250 nodes or 250 devices and such designs can be simulated:
    • up to 1,000,000 data point for transient analysis
    • up to 10,000 data point for AC or DC sweep analysis



  • OrCAD PCB Editor Standard for PCB Layout/Routing and 3D Design


* Normal price Euro 3160, limited offer valid until 15 December 2020, valid in the Benelux countries, Spain and Portugal.


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