D&E event 2018 – Belgium

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The Design Automation & Embedded Systems Event takes place on November 7th 2018 at Technopolis, Mechelen. This annual event allows developers and applicants of embedded systems to enrich their knowledge and share the latest technologies and visions with peers. There is focus in the conference program and at the trading area to specific themes: “Internet of Things, Electronic Design/Production and Embedded design challenges”.

From zero to one hundred in less than 3 seconds, completely electric!
Electric Superbike Twente is currently working on its first extremely fast superbike. The enormous power and torque of electric motors enable a whole new world of opportunities. The mechanical team designs a custom frame. This frame is designed around the main electrical components. The electrical team pushes limits by designing and building their own battery pack. By using high-tech components and advanced design methods both teams work concurrent on the SCU, the Superbike Control Unit, which monitors and controls every single component of the superbike.

Together with CB Distribution the R&D team of Electric Superbike Twente presents how they succeeded to build this unique concept.
Marcel Wezenberg, CB Distribution
Remi Jonkman, Electric Superbike Twente