Using Simulink and PSpice for Developing Digital Controllers for Power Electronics Systems

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Date: 28 June 2019

Location: Mathworks office Eindhoven

In this workshop by Cadence and MathWorks you will learn and experience step-by-step how to develop and verify digital controllers for Electrical & Mechanical systems such as power electronics and motors. With hands-on exercises you will design and verify these systems in Simulink and PSpice and prototype on System-on-Chip (Zynq) platforms. The presentations and exercises will guide you through the entire development process from concept to implementation, and you will:

  • Develop a digital control algorithm
  • Visualize and analyze simulation data
  • Integrate and simulate Driver IC and MOSFET models
  • Prototype and debug on SoC platforms like Zynq

During this workshop you will model and simulate systems at a high-level of abstraction, design and implement algorithms for embedded hardware and software, and achieve early verification of your solution. The integration of MathWorks MATLAB® and Simulink® with Cadence® PSpice® provides a system-level simulation solution for IC and PCB design. Combine MATLAB/Simulink behavioral-level models and the accuracy of PSpice’s analog/mixed signal simulation to analyze, develop, and prototype high performance digital control systems.

Who Should Attend

Familiarity with MathWorks and OrCad products is not required. This workshop is intended for anyone who wants to boost productivity by modeling and simulation:

  • Power engineers
  • Mechatronics Engineers
  • System designers
  • Board Designers
  • Mechanical Design Engineers
  • System integrators


Session 1 Session II Title
8:30 13:30 Registration
9:00 14:00 Welcome and Introduction
9:10 14:10 Mixed-Signal Design using Simulink for Motor and Power Control Systems 

  • System level simulation for continuous and discrete time signals
  • Introduction to modelling switching electrical systems
  • Digital control design and verification

This session will include a hands-on tutorial on Simulink.

10:00 15:00 Break
10:10 15:10 Simulating Driver IC and MOSFET Models in PSpice 

  • PSpice and Simulink co-simulation
  • Visualizing PSpice simulation data with MATLAB
  • Integrating MATLAB functions in PSpice circuits

This session will include hands-on exercises on PSpice and Simulink.

11:00 16:00 Break
11:10 16:10 Rapid Prototyping of Digital Controllers on System-on-Chip (Zynq) 

  • Floating point to fixed-point trade-off strategies
  • Automatic C and HDL code generation
  • On-target debugging on SoC platforms

This session will include a hands-on exercise on MATLAB, and a short demonstration of algorithms running on hardware target

12:00 17:00 Summary and Q&A


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