Advanced Simulation with PSpice

Advanced Simulation with Pspice AD
11 October 2022

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Duration: 1 day

Time: 9:00 – 17:00

This one day training is for existing users who like to know more on the
advanced features of Pspice

Engineers seeking maximum productivity in minimum time

Know the basic analysis of Pspice. Proficiency with Windows and
standard Windows applications

Course Agenda:
• Building a design for simulation
• Accessing the stimulus editor using VSTIM, ISTIM, and DIGSTIM
• Working with local and global libraries
• Examining common simulation errors
• Setting up and running parametric analysis
• Performing temperature analysis
• Configuring and running Monte Carlo analysis
• Simulating using Analog behavioral modeling
• Using digital components in a design
• Combining analog and digital components in designs
• Using performance analysis and creating goal functions
• Setting up and running worst-case analysis
• Setting up and running noise analysis