OrCAD/Allegro Front-to-Back Flow (2 days)

OrCAD/Allegro Front-to-Back Flow (2 days)
17 April 2023

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Duration: 2 days

Time: 9:00 – 17:00

This two day course will cover all the necessary steps for designing a
printed circuit board, from schematic capture using Orcad Capture CIS
to PCB-editor through producing manufacturing/NC output.

Engineers, designers and technicians engaged in both schematic
design and PCB layout. Who are seeking maximum productivity in a
minimum amount of time.

You should have a working knowledge of PCB design and a basic
understanding of PCB manufacturing processes. You must also be
proficient with using Windows and standard Windows applications.

Course Agenda Capture Part:
• Structure of Capture
• Capture settings and preferences
• Setting up a project
• Building a multi-sheet schematic
• Simple and Complex Hierarchies
• DRC check and Annotation
• Part properties
• Configuration of CIS
• Libraries management both symbols and footprints
• Variants
• Bill of Materials
• CIP (Component Information Portal)

Course Agenda PCB-Editor:
• User Interface and Configuration
• Rule Manager from Capture to PCB Editor
• Set up rules
• PCB templates
• Location of components
• Routing
• Copper Fields
• Post processing including reports, silkscreen, Gerber / ODB ++, drill, etc.
• End discussion