You’re an engineer creating designs in OrCAD Capture. These designs will go into one system with multiple boards and these boards will be connected by connectors. The board-to-board connections need to be verified, so that nets are connected to the right connector pins at both sides. With this app you get a sidebar in Capture which lists the connections between the boards with their netnames on both sides. Double clicking on a pin connection will highlight the net at the connector on the schematic page. If a board file exists already, a menu item allows you to open the 3D viewer and show only the selected connector.

Current status:

  • SPB installation requirement: 17.2
  • Packaged to installer/de-installer
  • Documentation: yes
  • Version: 1.5
Multi Board Design
Connectors, mismatch in nr. of pins highlighted in red.
Connections, dangling net in orange.