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Cadence IC design products and solutions offer an extensive and ideal balance of automation and custom-crafting combined into seamless flows to handle your analog, RF, and mixed-signal IC design needs.


Cadence custom IC design solutions offer an ideal balance of automation and custom-crafting, including managing design intent that flows naturally from the schematic throughout all phases of the design. The extensive analysis environment facilitates real-time knowledge of circuit status compared to specifications, with both pre-and post-layout parasitics considered. The layout tools are designed with productivity features to facilitate connectivity right designs regardless of rule complexity. Integrated verification methods, both in the front-end and back-end spaces, provide real-time knowledge of design progress, given all the interdependencies commonly impacting circuit performance in analog, RF, and mixed-signal design.

Cadence Virtuoso leverages 30 years of industry knowledge and leadership in custom/analog design to give you broader support for systems, including RF, mixed-signal, photonics, and advanced heterogeneous designs Innovative artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, cloud enablement, infrastructure improvements, and integration across Cadence products complement these design flows, creating a hub for efficiently delivering real designs for the real world.

Analog / mixed signal simulation

As the industry’s leading solution for accurate analog simulation, the Cadence Spectre Simulation Platform provides a comprehensive portfolio of custom simulation solutions for analog and mixed-signal design and verification teams. The platform contains multiple solvers that serve as the computational foundation and allow a designer to move easily and seamlessly between circuit-, block-, and system-level simulation tasks. The solvers are integrated with a wide range of complementary technologies to provide the industry’s most complete solution for custom verification problems. The infrastructure foundation of the platform is a unified set of technologies shared by all SPICE engines—the parser, device models, Verilog-A behavioral modeling, input data formats, output data formats, etc.—thereby guaranteeing consistent and accurate evaluation methods regardless of the simulator selected.

Full digital design flow

Cadence revolutionized the way digital designers could solve their design challenges. Cadence’s integrated full-flow digital solution with unified physical optimization, logic structuring and deep learning technology embedded in the implementation flow can help push design constraints beyond set targets. Customers can develop their next-generation design architecture with high confidence, avoiding costly silicon re-spins.


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