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Capture Reuse Placed Parts App

When creating your design often you try to minimize the number of different components. Meaning you use a 1k resistor of manufacturer ‘A’. Now when, on a different sheet, you need a 1k resistor too, you use the same 1k resistor of manufacturer ‘A’ and not one of manufacturer ‘B’. Except when the specification forces you to use a different one. To achieve this there’re several ways, one, find the part again in the OrCAD CIS explorer, two, find the part which is being used already and copy/paste it. Method one requires many mouse clicks and method two lets you move around and search in your design which can take much time if it’s a big design.

Simplified part reuse with schematic part list app

This app solves that problem. It creates a dialog box on the right side of your schematic canvas listing all unique parts already used in your design. Once you need to reuse an existing part, all you need to do is click on it from the list and it becomes attached to your mouse pointer ready for placement.

The main difference between this app and the symbol history listbox part of Capture toolbar, is that the history listbox only shows unique symbols, meaning a 1k and 10k resistor are not shown both because they share the same symbol. Secondly you can’t see additional properties like value and description.

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