Can you find the differences ?

Anytime a design is revised, you and your engineering team need to know what's changed because a even a small change can have a big impact on application performance, product scheduling, and fixture costs. Unintended design changes can lead to production delays, costly retooling and even product cancellation.

For many engineers finding the differences is a manual, cumbersome, error prone task, which can take many hours. Unless .....

As an example you will find on this website two OrCAD Capture projects. Can you spot the differences?

For detailed view of version 1click on this picture

For detailed view of version 2 click on this picture

We found them within 15 seconds using DOCTAR.

The DOCTAR Design Compare Tool compares two designs and tells you exactly what's changed

quickly and comprehensively in clear, easy-to-understand reports, so you will know:

Did all intended changes get implemented?
Were only those changes made?
Did anything else on this board change?

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Watch this video to see how easy it is to compare designs using DOCTAR !

View the DOCTAR results in HTML or Excel