When creating your design you try to re-use as much as possible, this to speedup design creation and prevent mistakes. Let's give some examples:

  1. You've a global connector VCC to drive power. On a new schematic you like to use this connector again. You could draw a new one and give it the same name, or copy-paste it from a previous schematic. We can ease this process by showing a small pop-up window with all existing global connectors, allowing you to select and next place it.
  2. You've given nets a logical name using the net-alias feature. To connect a new net-segment by name, you can re-type the name, or copy-paste the name, or copy-paste the earlier drawn net. Again we can ease this process by showing a small pop-up window listing all net-aliases from a certain page, allowing you to select one and re-apply it to a new net.  
  3. You used offpage connectors to make nets available on a second page. On the second page you need to place the off-page connectors again to establish the connection. This can be done by re-typing the offpage connector name, or copy-paste from the first page. For this we added a small pop-up window as well listing all offpage connectors created before, allowing easy reuse of them.
  4. Re-use of already placed parts, to minimize the number of different components. Meaning you use a 1k resistor of manufacturer ‘A’. Now when, on a different sheet, you need a 1k resistor too, you use the same 1k resistor of manufacturer ‘A’ and not one of manufacturer ‘B’. Except when the specification forces you to use a different one. To achieve this there’re several ways, one, find the part again in the OrCAD CIS explorer, two, find the part which is being used already and copy/paste it. Method one requires many mouse clicks and method two lets you move around and search in your design which can take much time if it’s a big design.

    In a dialog box we list all unique parts already used in your design. Once you need to reuse an existing part, all you need to do is select it from the list and it becomes attached to your mouse pointer ready for placement.

Current status:

  • SPB installation requirement: 17.2
  • Packaged to installer/de-installer
  • Documentation: yes
  • Version: 1.1
List all unique parts, place by click on part.