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CBWare Custom Package

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This custom package add additional functionality to Capture and PCB Editor. Send us a message via the contact form to get the download link.


Unzip the download file.
Set the (Windows) environment variable CDS_SITE to the directory where you unzipped the
package. In this directory you will find a subdirectory: pcb.
Eg. You unzipped it to C:\Cadence\custom. Here you find a directory pcb. The CDS_SITE
should point C:\Cadence\custom

Start PCB Editor and you should have a menu called Custom.

This custom package can be installed on the network. With this setup you can share central PCB Editor settings (like footprint search paths, key shortcuts) across designers.

The custom package also has functionality to have a central .ini file for OrCAD Capture. This is located in %CDS_SITE%\cdssetup\OrCAD_Capture. You find a master_example.ini file. Copy this to master_<toolversion>.ini (eg. master_231.ini for version 23.1). Any item from you local capture.ini file can be put in this master ini file to share with other designers.

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