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OrCAD / Allegro release 2021 available

Cadence Allegro/OrCAD is a driving force in the PCB design industry.

In order to help designers keep up with the constant pace of change Cadence has been accelerating the pace of innovation delivering a stream of updates and product enhancements to users.

  • Cadence provides bi-weekly updates to its products to fix issues and defects as quickly as possible for customers
  • New functionality is also delivered through quarterly incremental releases (QIRs).
  • Customers are encouraged to stay on the latest update within a release as they will not only get access to any fixes but will also have access to new features (as described below) available through the QIR stream.

This year Cadence has released the Allegro/OrCAD 2021 release.

It gives our customers with a valid maintenance contract access to a lot of new functionality:


  • Design Sync Updates: Dedicated actions for updating schematic and layout individually.
  • Schematic Print Updates. Increase schematic PDF readability with the ability to set the schematic print theme independent of the canvas theme.

PCB Editor

  • Viewer Integration. Launch PCB Editor viewer from the project hierarchy.
  • 3D Canvas enhancements. 3D mapper now a part of 3D canvas, replacing Allegro (2D) menu. Simplified use model and GUI enhancements. Improved accuracy of collision detection and distance measurements. Additional support for mapping native CAD models (Parasolid, Siemens NX, CREO, SOLIDWORKS).
  • IPC2581 enhancements. Additional support for rigid flex (bend detail and stack-up profiles), Countersink/counterbore, square drill features, net shorts, and impedance specifications and nets.
  • IDX enhancements. Bend sequence ordering, Geometry use identification, primary pin identification, and time stamps.


  • Usability updates. Get notified for missing parts for your PSpice models as you place them with Online DRC. Navigate warnings and errors with cross-probe between DRC and schematic. PSpice parts are loaded automatically when a new PSpice project is created. Improved capture integration with the ability to view PSpice models within Capture.
  • New modelling applications. Easy-to-use DIODE and MOSFET model parameters from device datasheet, specifically targeted for power applications.

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