OrCAD/Allegro PCB Editor (2 days) – C.B. Distribution
September 30, 2024

OrCAD/Allegro PCB Editor (2 days)

Time: 9:00 – 17:00
Duration: 2 days

PCB Editor is a central part of the OrCAD PCB Designer and Allegro PCB design solutions. This two day course will cover all the necessary steps for designing a printed circuit board, from loading logic/netlist data through producing manufacturing/NC output

This course is for printed circuit designers and design engineers who have an understanding of PCB layout and manufacturing considerations.

You should have a working knowledge of PCB design and a basic understanding of PCB manufacturing processes. You must also be proficient with using Windows and standard Windows applications.

Course Agenda:

  • PCB Editor User Interface
    • Identify the user interface components
    • Navigate within the PCB Editor window and access UI features to tailor the tool for individual needs
  • Managing the PCB Editor Work Environment
    • Create and use scripts
    • Use the Control Panel to locate board database objects and report information about them
  • Managing the PCB Editor Work Environment
    • Create a flash symbol user for thermal relief
    • Use the Pad Designer to create padstacks for a nulmber of typical pins, such as through-hole and surface-mount pads
  • Component Symbols
    • Use the Package Symbol Wizard to create a Package Symbol
    • Use the Symbol Editor to create a surface-mount package
  • Board Design Files
    • Use the Mechanical Symbol Editor to create Board Mechanical Symbols
    • Use the PCB Design Editor to create a Master Board Design
  • Importing Logic Information into PCB Editor
    • The Logic information can come from Concept, Capture, Third party
  • Setting Design Constraints
    • Assign Standard & Extendes Design Rules for Spacing & Physical Dimensions
    • Add, Change & Delete Properties of Components & Nets
  • Component Placement
    • Create a floorplan
    • Quickplace and manual placement
  • Routing the board
    • Adding and Deleting Connect Lines and Vias
    • Improving Routed Connections
    • Using the PCB Router
  • Copper Areas and Planes
  • Preparing the board for Design for Manufacturing
    • Create silkscreen
    • Reports
    • Create Gerber, ODB++, IPC2581 files
    • Create drill files
    • Create assembly drawings
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