X-FAB Adopts Cadence EMX Solver’s Electromagnetic Simulation Technology – C.B. Distribution

X-FAB Adopts Cadence EMX Solver’s Electromagnetic Simulation Technology

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE announced a collaboration with Cadence Design Systems, Inc., in relation to electromagnetic (EM) simulation. As a result, the Cadence EMX Planar 3D Solver is now successfully integrated into the X-FAB RFIC workflow, thereby benefitting X-FAB’s current and future RF platforms. The validation activities carried out via the EMX Solver on X-FAB RF reference designs for low-noise amplifiers, RF switches, filters and passives elements all delivered high-accuracy results within very short timeframes.

By leveraging Cadence’s EMX Solver, X-FAB design engineers can efficiently develop next-generation RF technology for the latest communication standards (including sub-6GHz 5G, mmWave, UWB, etc.), which are enabling technologies for electric vehicle (EV) wireless applications.

Seamlessly incorporated within the Cadence Virtuoso RF solution, the intuitive EMX Solver quickly provides foundry models to a high degree of accuracy. These help to streamline product development processes and enable the most stringent design specifications to be met. Access to this ultra-fast EM simulator means that X-FAB customers will be able to get their design projects completed earlier, allowing them to gain significant time-to-market advantages.

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